Soloman Spruce is the son of Professor Spruce - the regional professor who hands out the players starter pokemon - and the younger brother of Celina Spruce. Soloman is famously known for being a Top Coordinator.

In the Games Edit

Role Edit

In Pokemon Early Dawn and Late Dusk, Soloman is a reoccurring character that will try his hardest to teach you how to battle and learn how to become a contestant.

Soloman will show up a lot with your rivals to help you defeat Team Comet and will show you the past history of the Ukira - Endol Region War. Once you reach the Gemini League you will realise that Soloman is not only the Champion, but also the Prince of Ukira.

Quotes Edit

  • "A wise man once said that no matter what challenger challenges him he could be seen as either a pushover or a decent challenge - its all in the opponent to decide which he is. Now it is my time - my time to take on my role as Champion more seriously. Try your hardest, since for you i am only going to be your final obstacle."
  • "Estelle!! Snap out of this! Do you realise what you're doing doesn't help anyone. Not Me, Not You, Not Anyone. You know what you're doing is wrong but you still don't care. What do you think you're going to win in this."

Name Origin Edit

Soloman's name comes from the word Solar referencing energy that comes from the sun. Spruce - shared with his whole family is the name of a type of tree. Soloman's name is also derived from the hebrew name (shelomon) which also is derived from the name (shalo) which means "peace" and references Solomans role in the games.

Origins Edit

Soloman Spruce is based loosely on greek and roman religious depictions of Apollo. Apollo in both Roman and Greek religions is the God Olympian of sun and light - referencing how Soloman is the closest human of the sun. Apollo also is the God of Music (which can be seen in Soloman because a contest co-ordinator) and being the god of Truth and Prophecy - where is often tells Estelle that there could be a better future for both humans and Pokemon and starting a war isn't the right answer. This could also reference why Solomon and Celina is

Trivia Edit

  • Soloman is one of three champions who have a known last name. With the other two being Celina Spruce- Solomans Sister - and Steven Stone
  • It is revealed by Celina that their mother is Elesa, Nimbasa City Gym Leader - but isn't seen with her family since she has a gym to run.
  • Soloman is 16 years old
  • Since Soloman was the last born, he won't be able to be the King and have royal descendants.
  • It is revealed by Chelsea that she and Soloman are in a relationship by the time the game begins.
  • It is revealed by Soloman that he started training with his first pokemon when he was 4.

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