Celina Spruce is the daughter of Professor Spruce - the regional professor who hands the player his starter pokemon - and the older sister of Soloman Spruce. Celina is known as being one of the best Scientists in her field - believing she will want to take over her fathers position.

In The Games Edit

Role Edit

In Pokemon Early Dawn and Late Dusk, Celina Spruce is a reoccuring character that will show the main character the past of the region and the terrors to come.

Celina Spruce appears in areas with her family to talk about the Ukira - Endol War and also plays a main part in helping you stop the reawakening of the legendary pokemon. Once you arrive to the Virgo League you realise that Celina is the Champion of the Virgo League and is also known as the Princess of Endol.

Quotes Edit

  • "You there, I must thank you for all you did with my brother and I. Who knew putting up this disguise for long enough would be so tiring. I must thank you, for making it here - but you know what? Just because of all that i'm still not gonna go easy on you."
  • "Have you heard of the legend of the Ukira - Endol War? No?! Okay so many decades ago a massive war started and both kings for the regions claiming themselves right were head. A normal blacksmith was upset at this and prayed to both sun and moon pokemon to help grant power. He went between both regions crossfire and spoke to them. When done - both kingdoms threatened to lay the man once he rested but both legendary pokemon came down and left the kingdoms in awe. That man became the king and his family was in charge of both regions. At least - thats what the legend says."

Name Origin Edit

Celina means "moon goddess" in Greek - and Spruce shared with her family is a type of tree

Origins Edit

Celina Spruce is loosely based of two different Greek Mythological figures Artemis and Selene. Celina Spruce is based of Selene because she was the Goddess of the Moon which was later given to the Olympian Goddess Artemis which fits since Soloman - Celina's Brother - is based off of Apollo - Artemis' Brother.

Trivia Edit

  • Celina is one of three champions who have a known last name - with the others being her brother (Soloman Spruce) and Steven Stone
  • It is revealed by Celina that their mother is Elesa, Nimbasa City Gym Leader - but isn't seen with her family since she had a gym to run.
  • Celina is 18 years old
  • Even though Celina Spruce is based off of Artemis, Ironically Celina is the only Spruce that is allowed to have children whereas Artemis is depicted as being a Virgin and not having children

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